Selective and Effective Representation

Starting as a Midwest beauty brokerage firm in 1954, the company was on a steady path of growth when Greg Dawson assumed ownership in 1976. Over the decades we have achieved the highest sales volume in the industry while maintaining the fewest number of manufacturers. We are selective of our manufacturers and have assembled the finest group of clientele to have ever existed in the professional beauty arena.

Greg Dawson

About Greg

Greg Dawson joined the firm and quickly moved into an ownership position. He then focused on building it into one of the largest and most successful brokerage houses in the beauty industry.



The company formed.

Barber Shop
Greg Dawson


Greg Dawson joined the firm.

Greg Dawson


Greg Dawson assumed ownership.

Southwest map


The company expanded to the Southwest portion of the United States.

Southeast map


The company expanded into the Southeast.

West map


The company expanded into the West Coast.


Today, our sales representatives serve customers throughout the Midwest, Southwest, Southeast, and West Coast portions of the U.S.

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“Get it done NOW... I assure you this is not a rehearsal.”

Greg Dawson


Greg Dawson’s reputation is evident in many aspects of our business. Distributors and manufacturers know Greg Dawson and Associates for its history of:

  • Execution
  • Value
  • Integrity
  • High Quality
  • Strong Relationships
  • More than 40 Years Experience

Office Staff

Kezlee Bradley

Kezlee Bradley

Started 2008


Karen Derr

Karen Derr

Started 1991


Shannon Greene

Shannon Greene

Started 2015


Erika Revercomb

Erika Revercomb

Started 1993


The Whole Team

Greg Dawson team

Focus, Passion and Dedication

Greg Dawson's passion and dedication extends to his interests outside of work, too. He maintains a collection of more than 30 classic cars, including four rare V-16 Marmon automobiles. The Marmon Motor Car Company was headquartered in Indianapolis, and the Marmon Wasp driven by Ray Harroun, won the inaugural Indianapolis 500.

It's a piece of national history, says Greg, and a prime example of beautiful workmanship and advanced engineering.

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